In SCI we perform the qualification of Welding Procedures and Welders, according to the rules required by the customer (European, ASME, AWS, etc.).

SCI is a Notified Body (No.1348) under the European Directive 2014/68/UE.

Among the activities for which our company has accreditation is performing these procedures:

  • Confirmation of the applicable requirements and tests according to standard for the type of welding to be performed.
  • Presence during welding of a representative specimen production or verifying qualification parameters
  • Conducting Non Destructive Testing (radiography, ultrasonic, liquid penetrant, etc.).
  • Conducting destructive testing (tensile, bending, impact, macros, hardness, fracture, etc.).
  • Preparation of documentation of certification (PQR, WPS, WPQ).


The objective is to qualify a welding process is to ensure that materials and parameters are correct to produce quality welds to ensure adequate mechanical strength.

Purpose of the qualification of welders

The target to qualify a welder is to verify its ability to produce quality welds qualified following procedure.

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