During production processing, there is one extremely important problem that nearly all industries are exposed to, namely that the metal surfaces on piping, boilers and tanks are subject to corrosion. Corrosion is a process that deteriorates the material, reduces the metal’s initial thickness and can lead to leakage or loss of metal or fluid.


Very often, corrosion cannot be detected simply by visual inspection, as that would require cutting or dismantling the pipe, boiler or tank. If left untreated, it will weaken surfaces and may cause serious structural failure. For both safety and economic reasons, it is imperative that metal structures be regularly inspected.

Ultrasound is a highly effective, non-destructive method used by SCI, Control & Inspección to perform such inspections. Ultrasonic testing consists of taking readings using a phased array instrument.

Ultrasonic Corrosion Inspection Applications

The applications that employ Ultrasonic Corrosion Inspection using phased array techniques are:

Storage Tanks:

(using a magnetic crawler)

  • Systematic inspection of the generators in tank shell rings.
  • ‘XY’ mapping of areas with corrosion or pitting.
  • Tank bottoms.


(using an automatic magnetic scanner or manual application)

  • Systematic inspection for corrosion or pitting in water pipes (2″ ÷ 4″).


(using a crawler, magnetic scanner or manual application)

  • General inspection of pipelines.
  • ‘XY’ mapping of areas with corrosion or pitting.

Find out more about Ultrasonic Corrosion Inspection

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