The purpose of these tests is not only to detect discontinuities present on the surface of ferromagnetic materials but also those that exist under the surface. The method is based on the application of a metal powder applied to the surface of the material under the influence of a magnetic field. The accumulation of metal around discontinuities in the material reveals their location. The particular advantage of this method is that it can be used even if additional materials such as paint are present.


SCI possesses portable and stationary magnetic particle (colored or fluorescent) inspection equipment incorporating the latest technologies and is something that sets SCI apart and has earned it a unique reputation in this sector. The most important technologies are:

Contact electrodes equipment up to 2000 A

With this equipment a circular current can be passed between the electrodes, the process enabling a magnetic field to be generated between them.

Multidirectional inspection

The benches are designed specifically for inspecting elements of forging, casting… These benches combine techniques of a central conductor, current flow and coil.

Some of its most essential elements are:

  • Both circular and longitudinal magnetization.
  • Equipment optimized for testing large series of parts
  • Portable AC and DC yokes

Yokes portable AC and DC

These yokes (designed for individual use) are available with both direct current and alternating current and their flexibility and small size make for optimum use in the field.


Performing these Magnetic Particle Testing has a number of specific advantages:

  • Results are immediate and very safe.
  • Testing is faster than with liquid penetrant.
  • They can be used in certain coatings components when the degree of cleaning component is not as critical as in liquid penetrant testing.
  • Testing is cleaner than that made with liquid penetrant analysis.
  • They can be applied to both large and small samples

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